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Emma McFarland

June 4, 2019
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Emma Ophelia McFarland was born July 11, 1914 in Norfolk VA to the late Rebecca Miller.

Momma Emma worked in hospitals and nursing homes for many years, she was committed to the health and well being of others, she had a heart of gold and nerves of steel to care for children many of which had parents that were ill and could not care for them, she would work all day into the night and when she would come home there they sat on the doorstep of her house in the dark, waiting for Momma Emma, she would bathe and feed them all and they wouldn't go home until the next night seven days a week. As a child herself she knew first hand about pain and suffering, being diagnosed with Rhuematoid Arthristis, every day was a challenge that she met head on because I Can’t, was not a part of her thoughts or vocabulary.  When she was in  her early forties, Momma Emma gave her life to Lord, in doing so she received a whole new outlook on life and was strongly led to go into the homes of the sick and shut in, there she use her God given gift of cooking and her awesome ability to care for the sick, I (Betty) couldn’t go with her during the week because of school, but every Saturday before going out to play, I had to go with her, while she sang songs from the old hymn book, read scripture and prayed I cooked and cleaned the house. I did this so much it became a part of my life before I was even  a teenager. I fell in love with these people and learned, how blessed it is to give than to receive, so much of who she was has been imparted unto me. Momma taught and trained me with such passion, always put God first, how to properly walk, never look down or away when talking but use eye contact, a fool is known by a multitude of words, question your motives, be strong, bless others etc. Momma, your life was an example of everything you taught me, Thank you……. until we meet again, God has spoken, let the church say Amen.

She leave to cherish her memory a Loving Daughter (niece) Betty Anne(Copeland) Harris of Chesapeake VA. Granddaughter(s) Shaunica(Tasha) Moore( grand niece) Duvaughn Pinkston Parker(grand nephew) Donte J. Pinkston (grand nephew) Four (4)Nephew Edward Copeland of Norfolk VA, Sandy Copeland of Norfolk VA, George Copeland of Norfolk VA, Robert Lee Copeland of Norfolk VA. Eight(8) nieces Mildred Moore of Norfolk VA , Dorothy Johnson  of Norfolk VA, Carolyn Dickens of Norfolk VA, Shirley Dorsey of Virginia Beach VA, Geraldine Simon of Virginia Beach VA, Barbara Jean  of Norfolk VA, Joanne Bims of Waterbury Ct, Rudy Rivera of Waterbury Ct., Diane Owens of Virginia Beach, VA, Samantha Copeland of Portsmouth, Va and a host of other relatives and friends.


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